Highly customizable

You can customize Reftagger’s features to match your blog or website.

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  • Tooltip styles

    Tooltip styles

    Match colors and fonts to your website or blog.

  • Default translation

    Default translations

    Choose which Bible translation your visitors will see by default.

  • Linked Bible reader

    Biblia logo + Faithlife logo

    Link Bible references to either Biblia.com or the Faithlife Study Bible.

Smart reference detection

Reftagger recognizes a variety of Bible reference conventions, so it won’t miss a reference.

  • Reftagger knows all the common Scripture abbreviations, so you don’t have to worry about finicky formatting.

    { Gen 4:5 Ge. 4:5 Genesis 4:5 Gn 4:5
  • Tag entire chapters with Reftagger—the preview will start at the first verse and link to the rest of the chapter.

    Genesis 4
  • Reference entire ranges of Scripture with one link—you’re not limited to a single verse.

    Genesis 4:1–5

Logos software integration

If your visitors use Logos Bible Software, you can include a link that will allow them to open the Scripture passage directly in Logos, helping your visitors dig deeper into the Scripture, find answers, and connect with the Word.

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